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Risk is a threat negatively affecting an asset with the likelihood of occurring.

Increasing corporate governance and privacy regulations makes information security an important component and at the same time a challenge for businesses today. Information Security Governance is a set of rules and processes that govern and enforce the protection and use of Information within an organization.

When an organization wishes to clearly ascertain the pertinent information security risks to its business and the supporting computational infrastructure, a Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA) is performed. It can be completed as a self assessment or by a neutral external third party.

RSS Inc. TRA comprises of a set of actions performed by our auditors to identify the assets of Your Company, along with the applicable threats and associated probabilities of occurrence in order to determine the security risks.

The outcome of a TRA will assist in the prioritization of remediation actions in protecting Your Company’s critical assets by recommending safeguards that will reduce pertinent risks to acceptable and manageable levels.

RSS Inc. offers a TRA service that encompasses both security and privacy risks. Our team offers expertise in:

                                        Asset Identification - Providing a high level description of tangible and intangible
                                           assets and their functions and purposes;
                                        Threat Identification - Sources of a threat can be environmental (natural), legal,
                                           regulatory, human, and technological as well as uncontrollable economic factors;
                                        Asset Classification - Corporate Information asset types will be classified based
                                           upon overall business impact;
                                        Risk Determination - Calculate the level of risk for each threat based upon probability
                                           and impact severity.

RSS Inc. team will work in tandem with the client assigned team throughout the entire engagement.

Solution Benefits
Our TRA service, depending on client needs, will contain quantitative and qualitative evaluations of the information security risks faced by our client's computational infrastructure. By engaging the RSS Inc. team to perform a TRA, the states and the potential impacts of the pertinent security risks to Your Company will be identified. TRA outcome will be mapped to provide the planning basis for making sound security risk management decisions, used in forgoing investment capital or technology. Recommended controls will manage the risks to acceptable levels.

Our client will have access to RSS Inc. expertise to implement the recommended and pragmatic safeguards. Overall, the TRA will help in risk mitigation by minimizing the potential disruptions of business activities, as well as providing the improvement of internal knowledge base.

RSS Inc. team will provide mid and long-term plans containing milestones for implementing safeguards in order to remediate the pertinent risks to acceptable levels.