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Orange man will use his white-hat to find vulnerabilities or he will compare current technical infrastructure configuration with industry Best Practices to assure Your Company's compliance to allow You to have a sound sleep at night. He will provide pragmatic recommendations and guarantees “Securing Your Company for Business”.

RSS Inc. Technical Security Audit Services portfolio provides the industry's most complete, single-source enterprise security solutions that enable our clients to conform to the industry and government requirements by utilizing our extensive technical security expertise. The greatest benefit to our clients is the ability to utilize our expertise and the lessons learned to identify vulnerabilities in different technologies implemented throughout Your Company's Enterprise.

We want you to think of RSS Inc. as your go-to technical security assessment team, working hard to protect Your Company by unearthing and identifying existing security vulnerabilities. Our clients feel safe knowing that assessments are unbiased and recommendations are pragmatic and vendor-neutral.

RSS Inc. also prides itself on taking a pragmatic approach to providing Your Company with the mitigation for applicable security risks. Technical Security Audit Services represents the suite of RSS Inc. configuration review services. It is a smart way for organizations to be proactive about information security in order to manage security risks. Our team reviews IT architecture and configuration to ensure that Best Practice and security standards are being applied.

Our Technical Security Audit Services portfolio includes:

 IT Configuration Review Service - In order for a company to assess the level of compliance with corporate security governance, an audit of the computational resource configuration files is compared to established corporate security governance. RSS Inc. acts as a trusted Third Party that offers services as an external auditor. We provide validation of network, application, database, and operating system security controls. By companies being proactive in engaging our technical audit service team, it will enable them to identify non-compliant computational resources and provide support in their quest to be compliant with applicable standards, legislation and regulations.
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 Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment (IVA) Service - Our assessment service will identify and quantify vulnerabilities found in Your network infrastructure. Using the outcome of test cycles, our security engineers would identify risks, recommend corrective action, and remediate vulnerabilities in your environment. The immediate benefit of this service is identification of vulnerabilities within the environment before an adversary can exploit them.
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 Application Vulnerability Assessment (AVA) Service - In order to compete in today's fast-paced business environment, it has become a standard to offer customers constant availability to conduct business from any location and at any time. Due to the nature of the information being processed, this new business avenue exposes companies to various risks resulting in different losses. RSS Inc. offers comprehensive Application Vulnerability Assessment (AVA) service with an immediate benefit of identifying the weaknesses in coding practices within the online business applications before an adversary can exploit them. Testing cycles are designed to be executed in three parts (without credentials, with user credentials, and with administrator level credentials) thus assuring the client that the assessment will be non-intrusive to their operations. For further details, please click the service title...

 Security Architecture and Review service - Reviewing the overall security architecture of organizations' computational resources allows enforcement of Security Governance set in place by means of the design and configuration of network infrastructure, applications and databases. RSS Inc. is proud to offer a unique technical service that delivers detailed, factual content tailored to each of our clients and will have embedded industry Best Practices and/or applicable information security standards in order to secure their environment against possible breaches and to mitigate the risks associated with potential breaches. By being proactive in engaging our technical service team, companies will experience a reduction of security risks thus enabling them to operate more securely.