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Orange man will provide assurance for Your Company by providing a visibility into the latest discovered vulnerability pertaining to the technology residing within Your Company. He guarantees “Securing Your Company for Business”.

RSS Inc. Security Research Services portfolio offers a team of dedicated experts working to uncover and assess the latest landscape of intrusion activities and vulnerabilities pertaining to Your Company' environment.

Our Security Research Team offers 7x24x365 monitoring which will: identify current vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, eliminate false positives and protect your infrastructure by discovering future vulnerabilities and taking the necessary steps and making professional and pragmatic suggestions to eliminating findings. Clients can also stay up to date with the latest security vulnerabilities by subscribing to an Early Warning Alerting (EWA) service.

RSS Inc. prides itself on taking a pragmatic approach to providing Your Company with the best expert advice and creating a customized security vulnerability alerting to protect your computational environment.

Our Security Research Services portfolio includes:

 Selective Code Audit and Review Service - Our service will determine areas of weakness by utilizing the code reverse engineering to ascertain the existence of any deficiencies in the implementation of security controls within the in-house build software.The immediate benefit of a Selective Code Audit and Review Service for an organization is to identify vulnerabilities within the software code before an adversary can find them. It allows for the chance to identify weaknesses in security controls set in place to prevent and/or detect vulnerabilities.This provides a proactive approach towards identifying vulnerabilities, misconfigured settings, and/or missing secure software development controls. For further details, please click the service title...

 Early Warning Alerting (EWA) service - unique benefit that delivers detailed, factual content with alerts tailored to each of our subscribers needs by containing information found by our researches or harvested from the respected security research community. As computational environments become more complex in order to support business requirements, it is apparent that the challenges lie in the ability to maintain the security of various technologies. Vulnerabilities continue to persist for the multiple systems, applications, databases, services protocols - all of which carry inherited vulnerabilities discovered on a weekly basis and are constantly increasing while the remediation time is constantly decreasing. Industry Best Practice requires that computational resources be patched and up to date thus presenting a cumbersome goal for any companies to accomplish.