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Let us help you protect Your Company from security breaches and interruptions before they happen.    We’ve got You covered.

We’ve all witnessed how security breaches and unexpected interruptions can happen anytime to anyone. We witness it in our everyday lives whether through our favorite networking sites, our “must visit” shopping destinations or painfully – in our own business. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, Securing Your Company for Business has never been as vital as it is today.

At Reliable Security Solutions Inc., we assist clients in establishing or improving security controls, as well as meeting the applicable regulative and fiduciary requirements. Our goal is to work with You and Your team to identify any security gaps within your environment. Once identified we will suggest a pragmatic rollout plan that will prevent found gaps from transforming from potential threats to real risk for Your business. You will be the first to know about any security control gaps within your environment and be able to react and mitigate those problems in a pragmatic and timely manner.

The outcome of our work will arm You with the necessary information on “potential threat” so that you can fully understand the real risk involved and how each risk will impact Your business in terms of cost and damage control. Prioritizing mitigation activities for each risk that are most likely to impact your business along with risk quantification will allow you to apply the correct corporate-risk-appetite for Your business. This will remove FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) and strengthen Your resolve in advance as opposed to hearing about “current problems” from your customers and the media. At RSS Inc., we don’t just talk-the-talk, we walk-the-walk and here are just a few examples:

Talking the talk:

                                        Our team is made of ‘best-of-breed’ seasoned professionals
                                        We provide open communication and transparency
                                        We have incomparable commitment and passion, going the extra mile
                                        We are vendor neutral
                                        We are your specialized partner for Information Security
                                        Our solution foundations are based on industry best practices, leading standards,
                                           and frameworks
                                        Our clients are unique and the solutions presented are tailored accordingly
                                        We can offer competitive pricing due to low overhead and systems that work
                                        We are a fun, friendly group of professionals that will work closely with your team
                                           in a pragmatic fashion
                                        You will see the difference in the way we work

Walking the walk:

Company names will remain anonymous for confidentiality and privacy reasons.

Case Study 1: A national leader in Financial Investment and Asset Management, selected RSS Inc. to work with its team to ensure network infrastructure and security governance were in compliance with financial industry standards. RSS Inc.’s proven expertise in securing network infrastructure and corporate security policies development was utilized to protect this client against pertinent security risks while increasing overall security of the Company. Client’ incentive for seeking a neutral third party to assist with security controls’ improvement, was to ensure its clientele and shareholders that the entrusted, collected, processed and stored information remained safe and secure from external and internal threats.

Case Study 2: A leader in the Health-care Software Development Industry solution provider turned to RSS Inc. for expertise in assessing the strength of security controls and safeguards to identify privacy and technology security gaps to its product and business. Through a comprehensive assessments and reverse-engineering analysis of software development code, practices and processes, RSS Inc. has helped this leader identify gaps and put in place pragmatic measures to ensure the company flagship product is protected. Furthermore, by implementing recommended mitigation activities, the company improved management of information security risks pertaining to its computational infrastructure that ensured confidentiality and privacy.

Case Study 3: Global Mining Industry leader turned to RSS Inc., to provide expertise and help in improving SOX compliance, network security and monitoring practices along with developing and implement security risk management and awareness practices. By tapping into an experienced short-term outsourced help in information security, this global mining industry leader is now a stronger and better-positioned company for its employees, shareholders and partners. The partnership between this Industry leader and RSS Inc. quickly raised corporate maturity level and helped reduce security risks along with improvement of security risk management practices.

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