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Computational Data Recovery is the process of retrieving and securing deleted information from a storage media for forensic or other purposes.

Computational Data loss can affect both companies and private individuals without warning. Computational Data recovery is the process of salvaging data from damaged, failed, corrupted or inaccessible storage media when it cannot be accessed normally.

RSS Inc. offers a Data Recovery service that can recover data from the following storage media formats:

                      SAN / NAS server
                      Hard disk drive
                      Storage tapes
                      Flash drives
                      USB drives
                      Digital media cards
                      Removable media

Data loss may stem from various reasons such as power outages, hardware and driver errors, viruses, intentional and non-intentional deletion, system crashes, and various environmental causes. An attempt to recover data by unskilled personnel with inadequate tools most often result in a situation where the data is impossible to recover from the failed storage media. You should insist on the best data recovery services because there is usually one chance of successful recovery.

When Your media is received by RSS Inc., it will be evaluated through a free, non-intrusive diagnosis entailing the causes of data loss and retrieval success rate. Our experienced team will notify you with the evaluation results and confirm your authorization to proceed with the full data recovery service.
While in compliance with PIPEDA, our team utilizes industry leading hardware, software and in-house developed techniques to perform recovery projects in a secure laboratory environment. Additional testing will be conducted for file integrity to ensure recovered data is in useable condition. Once we have recovered data, it will be recorded and returned on DVDs, however we do offer various media options should you require.

From the 'lessons learnt', the RSS Inc. team will suggest preventative steps in order to mitigate future incidents.

Solution Benefits
The immediate benefit to an organization is provided through bringing in external professional help that will significantly reduce the total cost of data recovery due to shortening down time and lost man-hours. The headaches of finding and hiring full-time resource, cost of tools and training, proved to be more expensive than the cost of one-time outsourced data recovery service. This service will augment Your Company's Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery (BCP & DR).

RSS Inc. understands the importance of information confidentiality and would like to ensure our clients that the service is fully compliant with PIPEDA requirements for customer privacy and confidentiality.