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Orange man will provide Your Company with a neutral and professional investigation of security incidents. He will strictly adhere to the 'Chain of Custody' while searching for and collecting the evidence.

RSS Inc. Digital Forensics Services portfolio provides single-source enterprise security solutions that enables our clients to find out the information relating to the security incident by utilizing our extensive technical and digital forsensics expertise. The greatest benefit to our clients is ability to utilize our expertise and the lessons learned to mitigate future incidents.

We want you to think of RSS Inc. as your go-to information security investigative team, working hard to protect Your Company from any existing or approaching security risks. Our clients feel safe knowing that the security of their Company technology infrastructure is at the highest level and is always best-of-breed.

RSS Inc. also prides itself on taking a pragmatic approach to providing Your Company with the investigation activities after the security incident. Digital Forensics Services are offered to clients to investigate incidents and to recover lost data in severe cases. In the case of investigation, our team will help identify the cause of the incident and provide information on how it was originated and where from.

Our Digital Forensics Services portfolio includes:

 IT Forensics Service that reacts to computer security related incidents where a computational resource is an instrument in a crime or other offense or may contain evidence relevant to a criminal or civil litigation matter. Our team has the expertise in identifying the severity level and determining what occurred during the incident by conducting an accurate, factual and impartial examination of the acquired digital evidence. Our team utilizes Best Practices approach by never working on the original digital evidence in order to preserve it all the while documenting the entire evidence examination process while maintaining the chain-of-evidence. For further details, please click the service title...

 Data Recovery Service - Data recovery is the process of salvaging data from damaged, failed, corrupted or inaccessible primary storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. RSS Inc. offers a Data Recovery service that can recover data from various media affected by occurrences such as power outages, hardware and driver errors, viruses, intentional and non-intentional deletion, system crashes, and environmental causes. An attempt to recover data by unskilled personnel with inadequate tools could make it impossible to recover the data from the storage media. You should insist on the best data recovery services because there is usually only one chance of successful recovery.